The SHINING fan points out that Jack Nicolson’s Jack Torrance breaks the fourth wall

More than four decades have passed since the director’s exit Stanley KubrickThe classic horror movie The brilliant, but the watchful eyes of fans continue to unearth new revelations in Kubrick’s chilling masterpiece. In the midst of this ongoing exploration, writer and Kubrick fan Filippo Ulivieri has shed new light on a captivating aspect concerning Jack Nicholson, who plays Jack Torrance in the film. He believes Jack subtly breaks the fourth wall not once, not twice, but multiple times throughout the film. These brief moments happen quickly which is why fans might have missed it. This is actually a nice theory that I share!

Ulivieri shared an extensive 50 shares Discussion on Twitterwhich analyzes the phenomenon. Breaking the fourth wall, a narrative technique typically performed only once in a film or television show, takes on a completely divergent essence within The brilliant. He explains, “What does Nicholson do The brilliant however, it is completely different. It doesn’t seem intentional and could very well escape our perception. In fact, as I said, so far I don’t think anyone has noticed.”

By emphasizing the complexity and significance of this revelation, Ulivieri believes that dismissing that complexity as a mere oversight proves challenging. The amount of occurrences defies coincidence. He says, “it’s hard to dismiss this detail as a mistake. There are too many of them, it can’t be accidental.” There are examples shared within the thread that underscore the pervasive nature of this theory.ex:

He continues, “My guess is that perhaps Kubrick used this unusually constant and imperceptible breaking of the fourth wall as yet another way to challenge cinematic convention. What he did here is formally wrong: it goes against dramaturgical norms and cinematic grammar.

“Also, I think The brilliant it is an extreme film in many respects. It’s so over the top that it falls somewhere between scary and ridiculous. So maybe this is another exaggerated idea that Kubrick had. Like, why don’t we break the fourth wall, but we always do?”

Here are a couple of examples:

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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