“Today it’s easy to say ‘I’m crying’ to us!” : Lindsay’s family very disappointed with their meeting with Minister Pap Ndiaye (VIDEO)

Invited to CNEW, Lindsay’s parents, who were harassed to the point of suicide and whose story made the whole of France revolt, were “not convinced” about their meeting with the Minister of Education.

Words, words… Lindsay’s suicide on May 12, at the age of 13, after being abused for a long time with unimaginable violence, revolted the French. Facing backlash, the Minister of National Education and Youth reacted, albeit late, and finally accepted the young man’s family on Monday, June 5, 2023. Following this interview, Lindsay’s mother Betty told the press:I feel alone, lost. ‘wait for things to move, wait for things to move“.

Lindsay’s family was then invited by Pascal Praud to react to their meeting with the minister on the set of CNEWS. When the host asked if they were happy with the meeting, Betty’s response was clear: “No, not at all. There was no sincerity in my opinion. Unaware of what’s going on today. I think it’s been underestimated, which is happening. I don’t feel supported at all. (…) He closes his eyes to many things. I took many steps before this tragedy. The academy, the police, the college, the principal were notified and we were not heard. Lindsay asked for a lot of help and was not helped“.

Lindsay’s father, François, added: “We really did not find it convincing. No mention was made of the responsibility of the authors. Not even questioned. The words he said… Well, he did indeed shed tears. When he cried and said to us ‘I think about him every day’… It’s been a month since he left and we wouldn’t be on set today without the help of our lawyer, nothing would have changed. It was our lawyer who organized the press conference.“.

The CNEWS server then reacted: “In other words, National Education does not take into account the individual responsibilities of the principal, teachers, parents of the abusers and prefers to throw it behind social networks, maybe it’s easier?… This case is surprising.“.

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Source: Programme Television

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