‘John Wick’ 5 is in development, Lionsgate confirms film and spin offs

‘John Wick’ 5 está en desarrollo, Lionsgate confirma la película y spin offs'John Wick' 5 is in development, Lionsgate confirms film and spin offs

‘John Wick’ 5 In Development, Lionsgate Confirms Film And Spinoffs – Special (Courtesy)

One of the most successful films of 2023 is ‘John Wick 4’, a title that has achieved a gigantic collection in theaters, for this reason many expected Lionsgate production house to announce a new film for this franchise, and now it has finally been announced given this confirmation and came with the announcement of an expansion for this saga, with further spin offs.

Lionsgate announced it ‘john wick’ 5 is already under developmentthis while fans await the launch of the two long-confirmed spin offs, we refer to ‘The Continental’ and ‘Ballerina’, two productions that will not be the only derivative titles that this action saga starring the actor Keanu will launch Reeves.

It was Joe Drake, one of the senior executives at production company Lionsgate, who reported the start of development ‘john wick’ 5 and the creation of new spin offs set in this cinematic universe, since apparently this franchise has the goal of achieving success through the same strategy used by other sagas such as Star Wars.

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The executive indicated it new series and movies will come from ‘john wick’, underlining that the small screen will be essential for the success of this strategy, which is why many of these new derivative titles could reach the world of streaming, productions that would complete the story of the main films, just like Star Wars does. on Disney+.

At the moment it is not reported what these ‘John Wick’ spin-offs will be all about, however, with the success of this film franchise, they will surely arouse great interest in millions of fans around the world, as it has been generated by the titles of ‘The Continental’ and ‘Ballerina’, two productions yet to come.

Keanu Reeves would return in “John Wick” 5. Source: Lionsgate. Photographer: Special.

When is ‘John Wick’ 5 coming out?

Sure, the fifth film of ‘john wick’ would arrive directly in theaters, a production which for the moment, although already in the development phase, is still far from starting recordings, which is why it has not confirmed the cast, also Keanu Reeves He has not announced his participation in this film, but it is highly unlikely that the actor will not return to this saga.

On the other hand, this film has not even revealed its cast or its release date, but since it is starting its development, it will probably hit the big screen until 2025, what has been revealed is that this production would show the iconic assassin as a civilian, while facing the harsh events that fans have been able to see in the successful fourth installment of this saga.

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