‘Love and Death’ premieres the final episode, the similar series you must see in streaming

‘Amor y Muerte’ estrena episodio final, las series similares que debes ver en el streaming'Love and Death' premieres the final episode, the similar series you must see in streaming

‘Love and Death’ Premieres Final Episode, Similar Series You Must Stream – Courtesy (HBO Max)

There are many subscribers in the streaming world who don’t like to watch a weekly episode of a series, but instead wait for all its chapters to come out to enjoy the whole story, and if you are one of them you should know that one of the most recent and applauded by HBO Max has finally released its final episode, it is ‘Love and Death’, a perfect production to make a marathon with similar productions.

‘Love and death’ It’s an HBO Max original series. which immediately aroused interest because it played by actress Elizabeth Olsen, is also a title that offers a plot based on real events, in a crime that was committed during the 80s, so it is a production that offers a story of drama and suspense.

In the world of streaming there are several similar series that you should see if you like this kind of story, productions similar to ‘Love and death’ from HBO Maxwhich have earned the acclaim of specialized critics, thus becoming unmissable titles, for this reason, if you liked the production starring Elizabeth Olsen, here we show you four similar titles.

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‘Inconceivable’ (Netflix)

One of series that you should definitely see if you liked it ‘Love and death’ is ‘Inconceivable’, a production that you can find on the Netflix service, a title inspired by true events that tells the story of a young woman accused of lying about her rape, it will be years later when two women begin to investigate a series of similar attacks that may reveal a different truth.

“In Jacob’s Defense” (Apple TV+)

Apple TV+ could not be left behind and offers its users ‘Defending Jacob’, a highly acclaimed eight-episode miniseries based on the novel of the same name, who is still an assistant prosecutor who, faced with a murder case, sees how all evidence leads to his son, which gets him involved in a dark drama.

“Defending Jacob” is one of the crime series on Apple TV+, just like “Love and Death”. Source: AppleTV+. Photographer: Special.

“Open Wounds” (HBO Max)

Likewise, on HBO Max you can also find one of the best series similar to ‘Love and Death’ in the world of streaming, is ‘Open Wounds’, an intense title that presents the story of a journalist who faces her dark past when she has to return to her hometown to cover the murder of two girls.

“The Ruin” (HBO Max)

HBO Max offers its users several crime series, another title besides ‘Love and Death’ is ‘The Undoing’, a production that will surely hook you from the first minute, as it shows Nicole Kidman in the role of a successful woman whose life falls apart when a violent death reveals horrific secrets.

By Orlando Medina

Source: Nacion Flix

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