Dua Lipa’s song “Dance the Night” revealed for “Barbie” live

Se revela la canción 'Dance the Night' de Dua Lipa para live action 'Barbie'Song revealed

Dua Lipa’s “Dance the Night” Song Revealed for ‘Barbie’ Live – ‘Barbie’ (Warner Bros.)

Dua Lipa, the talented singer-songwriter, thrilled her fans by announcing her participation in the soundtrack of the movie “Barbie” with his new song titled ‘Dance the Night’. This long-awaited single will be available from Friday 28th May and promises to take us back to the golden age of disco music with its classic sound that reminds us of their hit album ‘Future Nostalgia’. In fact, some say this advance brings us reminiscences of Jessie Ware’s new album.

However, “Dance the Night” isn’t the only hit Dua Lipa has released from their acclaimed album ‘Future Nostalgia’. The artist topped the charts with his collaboration ‘Cold Heart’ with Elton John, and delighted his fans with other singles in the company of music stars such as Miley Cyrus in ‘Prisoner’, Megan Thee Stallion in ‘Sweetest Pie’ or Calvin Harris in “Potion”. With each song, Dua Lipa demonstrates her versatility and her ability to experiment with different musical styles.

But Dua Lipa isn’t the only artist who has contributed music to the movie ‘Barbie’. Alice Glass, famous for her run on Crystal Castles, also shared a sneak peek of her cover of Aqua’s popular “Barbie Girl” theme. This reinterpretation promises to be a very interesting surprise for fans of the iconic song.

Additionally, Bastille has also been revealed to have created the music for the film, though sadly it wasn’t used in the final soundtrack.

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“Dance the Night” will be like a trip to the past of the classic album

He Before “Barbie the Movie”. is scheduled for this summer, precisely on July 21 in cinemas, and promises to be a cinematic experience full of fun and adventure. The film features an all-star cast led by Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in the lead roles, ensuring a display of talent and charisma on the big screen.

The announcement of Dua Lipa’s new single for the film ‘Barbie’ has caused a stir among the singer’s fans and movie lovers. “Dance the Night” promises to take us back in time with its classic disco soundwhile the participation of Alice Glass and Bastille on the soundtrack adds even more excitement and musical diversity to the project.

With the release of ‘Barbie the Movie’ approaching, anticipation is building and we can’t wait for a fun and magical cinematic experience this summer.

By Karen Magallanes

Source: Nacion Flix

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