‘The Mother’ arrives very soon on Netflix, a thriller where JLO protects her daughter at all costs

‘La Madre’ llega muy pronto a Netflix, un thriller en donde JLO protege a toda costa a su hija 'The Mother' arrives very soon on Netflix, a thriller where JLO protects her daughter at all costs

‘The Mother’, a thriller in which JLO protects her daughter at all costs, is coming to Netflix very soon – Special (Netflix)

In the entertainment industry, Netflix has become one of the leading film producers, launching several movies with famous actors, and this year, the platform is preparing new movies aiming to be a huge hit, one of them is “The Mother”, a film that comes with the lead role of Jennifer Lopez.

‘Mother’ is Netflix’s big bet in the action and suspense genresbecause this production will feature Jennifer López as a woman who is in the middle of a unique mission, whose goal is to protect her daughter at any cost, an original film that will be released on this platform in a few days .

If you are one of those who like action and suspense movies, no doubt, ‘Motherit should be on your playlist from the streaming giant, and the best news is, it will be Available on Netflix from May 12thso subscribers will only have to wait a couple of weeks to enjoy this new production with Jennifer López.

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‘The Mother’ will show Netflix subscribers the actress Jennifer Lopez plays a former military agent completely submerged in an explosive mission to protect her daughter, who she was forced to give up years ago, because she was on the run from very dangerous people, who once again threatened her life.

JLO is here to stay on Netflix

The plot that will presentMother’ looks very interesting and captivating, an action thriller that aims to become one of the streaming giant’s most watched films in 2023, a title that will be the second collaboration of Netflix and actress Jennifer Lopezthis after participating in the original documentary of this platform ‘Jennifer López: Medio Tiempo’.

JLO flies to Netlfix in “The Mother”. Source: Netflix. Photographer: Special.

Furthermore, the streaming giant has confirmed that “The Mother” will not be the last production in which Jennifer López will star for this service, since the actress would sanitize at least one more film for this platform, and if she succeeds, she will it is very likely that his agreement will be renewed with this service for more productions, everything will depend on the result obtained by ‘The Mother’.

It is worth mentioning that this new action tape comes with an interesting cast for this streaming service, because this production of drama and suspensein addition to being played by Jennifer Lopez, it has the performances of Gael García Bernal, Joseph Fiennes, Gael García Bernal, Lucy Paez, Omari Hardwick and Paul Raci.

By Orlando Medina

Source: Nacion Flix

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