The live action of “One Piece” is still running on Netflix and will release its first trailer very soon

El live action de ‘One Piece’ sigue en marcha en Netflix y lanzaría su primer tráiler muy prontoThe live action of

‘One Piece’ Live Action Is Still Running On Netflix And Will Release Its First Trailer Very Soon – (Netflix) Special

The film entertainment industry has a tendency to make live action adaptations of some of the most successful animated productions in history and Netflix has caught on to this trend as they are currently producing a version of ‘a piece’ in live actionwhich would be close to launching its first advance.

If you are a fan of ‘One Piece’ and have been following the news of this one Netflix liveSurely you will remember that the streaming platform has already shown a first preview of this new series, because it has unveiled the official poster, where you can see the main characters of the original animal title but in its live action version.

This official poster revealed that ‘a piece’ Netflix will arrive in its live action version in 2023and now there are reports that the official trailer of this new live action series is ready, and will be released in a few weeks on the official social networks of this service and obviously within the platform.

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The reports indicate it the official live action trailer of ‘a piece’ It would be out next Juneand if this advance arrives on the aforementioned date, it would mean that the series would be close to the premiere in the catalog of the streaming giant, it should not be forgotten that the platform has confirmed that this title would arrive in 2023, but has not revealed the exact date of its exit.

For this reason, the premiere of the first trailer of the series is important, and taking these reports into account, it is very likely that the live action adaptation of this animated series will reach the Netflix catalog next July, a production that should note, has not started on the right foot in this streaming service.

‘One Piece’ arrives in 2023 on Netflix in its live action version. Source: Netflix. Photographer: Special

‘One Piece’ live action fails in tests

Recently, Netflix decided to screen some live action sequences of ‘One Piece’ in front of a special audience, presumably in front of the specialized fans of this animated series, and the result had not been good for the platform, because apparently this new production did not convince those who had the opportunity to see this series now.

According to the information shared, the live action adaptation of ‘One Piece’ has even been rated bad, so it seems that this title will cause some controversy among the demanding fans of this animated series, for now we will have to wait a few more weeks to be able to witness this title on the platform.

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Source: Nacion Flix

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