MTGRemy Makes MAGIC: THE GATHERING “We Didn’t Start the Fire” Parody

Who doesn’t love the Billy Joel classic, “We didn’t start the fire”? It’s an incredibly catchy song that gets everyone singing along. YouTuber MTGRemy took that hit song and created a Magic: the gathering parody of it. It starts with someone asking if their friend has any burned spells to trade and then goes off and changes all the lyrics in the verses to the names of the burnt cards from mtg extension. Also look for papers in a wide variety of places like the toilet tank. He’s really funny and very clever if you ask me. If you are a fan of mtg extensioneven a casual one like me, you will find joy in this video.

Mark Hamill and his return of the J…

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Mark Hamill and his Return of the Jedi helix lightsaber reunite in Pop Culture Quest Clip

by Tommy Williams
Source: Geek Tyrant

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