‘Kaleidoscope’: the true story that inspired the complex Netflix mini-series

‘Caleidoscopio’: La historia real que inspiró la compleja miniseire de Netflix 'Kaleidoscope': the true story that inspired the complex Netflix mini-series

‘Kaleidoscope’: The true story that inspired the complex Netflix mini-series – Special (Netflix)

On January 1, 2023, Netflix released “Kaleidoscope”, a complex production that takes place in just 8 episodes, featuring an innovative storyline that allows the user to see this story in any order, narrating the execution of a robbery, a original production that, believe it or not, is inspired by true events.

If you are one of the subscribers who already liked “Kaleidoscope” in the catalog of NetflixSurely you recall that this production narrates the planning, execution and aftermath of a robbery in one of the most secure vaults on the planet, carried out by a group of thieves and crooks in the United States, with a plan in which the arrival of a l hurricane is essential.

Part of the said plan of this heist is to let water into the flood vault that the said hurricane will cause, giving the thieves the opportunity to steal millions of dollars, a story that the showrunner of this series, Eric García, has confessed is loosely based on Events caused by Hurricane Sandy in the United States in 2012.

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Hurricane Sandy flooded downtown Manhattan 10 years ago, causing the disappearance of 70 million dollars in US securitiesalthough at that time those responsible were not a group of thieves and crooks, but inclement weather, nevertheless, as the showrunner of this title points out, this event served to create the story of ‘Kaleidoscope’ Netflix.

No doubt,’Kaleidoscope’ is one of the best series of the streaming giant, a production that must be applauded for the risk it has taken to innovate its narrative style, because, as we have pointed out, this original title offers the user the possibility of watching episodes of the its plot in any order.

‘Kaleidoscope’ critically acclaimed

Yes, it’s true, this miniseries hasn’t been an overwhelming success like other productions launched by this service, and that’s because the impact that this title generates for users is different, since the order in which its episodes appear is different for every subscriber , however, according to film industry insiders, once you’re done with this story turns out to be one of the best.

The result obtained by ‘Kaleidoscope’ will definitely do Netflix produce multiple productions that allow the user to watch them in any order, so surely this type of titles will continue to improve on the platform, for now the millions of users of the service can enjoy the 8 episodes of this crime story inspired by real facts.

By Orlando Medina

Source: Nacion Flix

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