"A boloss, a cuckoo, a puppet" : Cyril Hanouna is chasing Pierre-Emmanuel Barré’s sarcastic post! (VIDEO)

On January 24, on the set of TPMP, Cyril Hanouna harshly responded to Pierre-Emmanuel Barré’s column in “C l’hebdo” last Saturday at France 5!

Cyril Hanouna insists and signs his comments on public service. A few days ago, the person who complained that France Télévisions and Radio France are getting 4 billion euros a year from the state, not my post on the Touche set, continues to respond to the criticisms made against him.

while a more research on France 2 He is preparing for his case, and he and Radio France boss Sibyle Veil have already exchanged sweet words through the media, this Tuesday evening Baba discussed a new public service worker, Pierre-Emmanuel Barré.

Second, he scribbled Cyril Hanouna in his column for “Cl’hebdo” last Saturday at France 5, vividly explaining how all historians of the show had to swear allegiance to a boss who was perhaps a little too cruel. And the troublemaker of the youth changed his room to him at C8 this January 24.

He gave the following assurance, anonymously: “I saw all the wounds that came up. I saw a sketch of the invalidity of a man named ‘P’tit con’ at France 5, aptly named… I don’t know what it’s actually called, he’s a Boloss, a cuckoo, a puppet who makes a bad sketch “.


Source: Programme Television

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