Rosalía ruins her new single cover with pink boots: it’s easy to copy her look at the 2023 winter sale

Although we announce every year that it is the “year of Rosalía”, the reality is that the Catalan sweep with more power. After successful with it Motomami world tourwalk the most important red carpets of the music scene and star system more international, he was the star of the Louis Vuitton men’s fashion show a few days ago. Now the artist takes advantage of this vortex and offers what his cover will be. last single LYLM -on Tiktok before the star song is released-, look easy to copy 2023 thanks to sales.

Rosalia follows the trends of the moment

Not surprisingly, the Latin Grammy 2022 winner of the best album of the year (Motomami) made the entire fanbase fall in love with the new single cover. One of the most streamed songs yet to be released (as with “despechá” in the summer).

Rosalia Look Llylm 02

In her purest schoolgirl style and bouncing on a bed, her knee-high pink boots are the center of attention – a model she’s already wearing in the summer and paired with a printed bikini. By Abra (already selling for 706 Euros), these combine with a gray pleated miniskirt and a black short sweater.

Make your Rosalía stamp on yourself thanks to the 2023 winter discounts

As we mentioned earlier, it’s time to mark a look in Rosalía’s purest style but with so much less. Knowing that feet are the protagonist, Bershka has these boots in the same color that can create a similar effect as yours.

Pink heeled boots.

Pink heeled boots.

RRP €39.99 at Bershka

In the purest schoolgirl style and shape skirtThis garment from Zara sales features a classic pinstripe print.

Rosalia Look Llylm 04

To finish off her inspiration, this zip-up sweater from Mango with puff sleeves will help complete the outfit.

Rosalia Look Llylm 05

Rosalía is the best and it seems that it shows us.

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