5 Latin American Netflix series with must-see crime stories

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5 Latin American Netflix series with must-see crime plots – Courtesy (Netflix)

Netflix has become one of the great showcases of international productions, since in recent years this platform has released titles made in practically all continents of the world, highlighting Latin American series with stories related to crimes, these productions have also been qualified with safety pins

Netflix’s Latin American crime drama series are the best to enjoy on this platform because, with their high doses of drama, they capture anyone from the first minute, perfect titles for a long marathon on this platform, for this reason, here we show you some 5 not to be missed in this service.

‘Queen of the South’

There is no doubt that the title starring Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, ‘La Reina del Sur’ is one of the the best latin american series on netflix, a production that offers three seasons on this platform, a raw and suspenseful title that focuses on a woman who after years of blood, sweat and tears. she ends up becoming a drug trafficking legend.

“The Toad Cartel: The Origin”

Likewise, ‘El Cartel de Los Sapos: El Origen’ has arrived on this platform from Colombia, another of the Outstanding Latin American series that you can enjoy on Netflixa 60-episode production that chronicles how, over the course of four decades, two Cali brothers try to balance family, romance and illegal business, on their way to becoming drug leaders.

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“The Greco Family Secret”

‘The Greco Family Secret’ is another god Latin American series with criminal plots not to be missed on Netflixa 9 episode production made in Mexico centered around a seemingly perfect family, however, they secretly kidnap wealthy people for ransom to maintain their high standard of living and social status, a story based on true events.

“Who Killed Sara?”

With a huge dose of suspense and touches of drama, ‘Who Killed Sara?’ is an original Latin American production of the streaming giant starring Manolo Cardona, in which users can see the story of Alex, a young man determined to take revenge and prove that he was framed for the death of his sister, willing to bring a lot to light. .. more than the real perpetrator of the murder.

“Theft of the Century”

In 2020, the mini-series ‘El Robo del Siglo’ came from Colombia, a captivating suspense production that cannot be missed by those who love plots with crime themes, as this title shows a story set in 1994 that follows a gang of thieves who Plan the biggest robbery in the South American country, a heist on the bank of the republic.

By Orlando Medina

Source: Nacion Flix