RRR composer/lyricist MM Keeravani on his historic Oscar song nomination for “Naatu Naatu”: “This song was my baby boy. Now he drives cars, dances and has a girlfriend.

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Recently Oscar-nominated composer MM Keeravani can now put on his dancing shoes after bagging a spot in the Best Original Song category for his hit song ‘Naatu Naatu’ from the Indian action comedy. RRR. Speaking to Deadline on Tuesday about his nomination, Keeravani revealed that he was working – and definitely not dancing – in his recording studio for an upcoming film when he asked the director to take a break from their activities. And for a good reason.

Keeravani’s nomination for Best Original Song made history at the 95th Academy Awards as it was the first song from an Indian film production to land in this category. (Not to be confused with Indian songwriter-composer AR Rahman’s 2009 Oscar-winning performance for “Jai Ho” in the British production Slumdog Millionaire.)

“It feels great,” Keeravani said of his historic precedent. “My opinion about the Oscars is the best, because it is about the dreams of artists from all over the world; which is no joke. It takes a lot of effort and credibility. That’s what the Oscars are for the oscars So we respect and appreciate that a lot. And I am very proud to be nominated by for the first time [South] Asia in this music category. I’m excited.”

The song dominates despite TikTok users, “Naatu Naatu” is a critically acclaimed hit, not only among Academy members, but also at the Golden Globes and Critics Choice Awards, where the song received awards for its nominee categories. What did it mean that his song continued to rise in both pop culture and film history?

“To me ‘Naatu Naatu’ means the world.” Keeravani jokingly explained this. “It was just a song when it was born, when I saw my song on the screen afterwards [scene] When I finished the choreography, I said, ‘Oh my God! This is my son.’ It was my son and now my son has grown up. He became a major [player]. Now he plays cards, dances and has a girlfriend. Yesterday he was a baby in my crib. And now my son goes everywhere and gives me a good name. I am like a proud father. I am very grateful for this idea. And for all the people who made this great wave possible.”

The 95th Academy Awards will be held at the Dolby Theater on March 12.

Author: Lot Jackson

Source: Deadline