Le Cross (9G): A candidate explains his political commitments

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We tend not to think that reality TV candidates can get seriously involved in politics. However, a former law student and Cross participant in W9 relied on his past ambitions and dedication.
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Sunday, January 22, Niccolò, who has been very talkative on his social networks lately and also all the rage on Tiktok, showed himself a little more to his subscribers on Instagram. Ex-girlfriend of Victoria Mehault, who is portrayed as the head of the family to the rest of the world CrossThe politician posted on W9 said he has a history. The Italian, who was then a law student at the Catholic University of Milan, asked his 800,000+ subscribers to help him find the next topic for one of his Youtube videos.

“It’s complicated to talk about politics on the Internet”

A user queried it and asked if he already had it. “a political commitment, relational, values ​​to share”. The young man with his tongue in his pocket broke into a few grins as he passed four ways. “A few years ago I signed up for a political party. I’m very close to politics, which has always fascinated me. But the thing is, talking about politics in networks is complicated.”started what we saw in angels 11. He continued: “I tried to do it once when I was doing TV shows in Italy and I got lynched!”. Disheartened at the time, Niccolò may want to retry his experience of discussing politics on his social networks if his subscribers show interest in the sometimes sensitive topic.

The young man recently admitted that he had nothing to do with negative comments and unconstructive criticism. Statements that may imply that the reality TV candidate is ready to speak more openly about certain topics. “Today I don’t ‘care’ much more, frivolity no longer affects me, I live life much more ‘lightly’. With a lot of heart and less logic (…) everything in life teaches us something happens, and even negative events are a lesson for us to grow and improve. does its job”he finished.

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