The contents of the suitcase from the movie “Pulp Fiction” are no longer a secret

The contents of the suitcase from the movie

Quentin Tarantino himself has not yet confirmed any version.

The main secret of the movie crime novel» became the contents of a mysterious briefcase, which was hunted by the heroes of Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta. The mysterious light emanating from the case caused viewers to search for answers and come up with theories for years.

Reportedly, one of the fan versions contained diamonds stolen in a previous Tarantino film. angry dogs».

Another option is the Elvis Presley jacket. in movie Real love»filmed according to Tarantino’s script, it was attended by the golden jacket of the king of rock and roll.

The heroine of Uma Thurman wanted to become an actress, so part of the public believes that Marsellus could put an Oscar statuette in a suitcase.

The prevailing theory of its contents remains Wallace’s soul, which he sold to the devil for money and fame.

Well, John Travolta himself said that there was an ordinary light bulb in the housing.

Photo source: Still from Pulp Fiction (1994)

Author: Ivan Provotorov

Source: Popcorn News

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