5 best exfoliants for perfectly smooth body skin

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The warming season is coming soon, but it has come to a point, and with it comes dry skin, not only on the face, but also on the body. Nourishing and moisturizing brushes will help correct the situation, which we will discuss below.

Salt Body Scrub Code D’amour

Salt scrub Salt Body Scrub №3, Code D’amour, 1679 р.

The main feature of the brand is a unique range of naturally produced peelings. The formula consists of a combination of salt and natural essential oils that moisturize and nourish the skin. A special love is the scent of patchouli and cinnamon that stays on the skin.

Mineral Body Scrub “Live Seaweed”, AV1918

Mineral body scrub, Live algae, 2675 r.

The brand specializes in natural body care products, and the main ingredient of each is Arctic algae. Therefore, the smell is appropriate – as on the coast of the Baltic Sea. The formula of each product is aimed at home full body care. In other words, after use, there is a feeling that you come out of the SPA room, not the bathroom.

Body Scrub Ok Beauty

Body Scrub Smooth & Care, OK Beauty, 1350 r.

Scrub with shock content of oils and fatty acids, so neither body cream nor butter is needed. The product moisturizes and nourishes the skin, and the salt of the Adriatic Sea in its composition gently exfoliates dead skin particles in parallel. The aroma of ripe cherries and rose petals creates a relaxing and romantic atmosphere in the bathroom.

Raspberry Sugar Scrub Lab

Raspberry sugar scrub for sweet dreams, Lab, 387 rub.

It is impossible not to love the Russian brand Laboratorium just because of the names of its products. For example, the collection of body scrubs includes “from harm”, “for sweet dreams”, “for childhood memories” and others. Choose any and enjoy not only a visible effect, but also a fun naming.

Body peeling Natura Siberica

Firming Body Scrub Natura Siberica, 347 r.

At the heart of the product is wild honey combined with brine salt. First, it is rich in vitamins and essential oils that moisturize and smooth the skin. Siberian brine salt is a natural source of minerals that effectively tighten and tighten the skin. The jar itself is so similar to honey and its scent can be easily confused.

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