This is the unknown word that the RAE has included and is effective for scaring away dogs.

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Dog is man’s best friend, yes and as a perfect life companion (along with cats) it is the most demanded pet, no doubt pets are excellent. in many cases dogs They surprise us with their human-like behavior, and their intelligence can surprise us.

At the same time, often our pets are trained to act in a certain way at certain special moments, for example for people with limited vision (guide dog), “emotional support” or being part of the police force. But at the same time, following their owner’s orders, such as teaching them to sit, lie down, or just stay still.

secret word for dogs


There are many books on pet training that will be put into practice on a daily basis, as well as a set of words used for certain tricks that make training our pets easier. Interestingly, RAE has added a new keyword, a very effective keyword in Spanish, to scare away dogs and cats.

about tuso anyone stub word taken by Royal Spanish Academy and is used to “scare or summon a dog.” A nickname to which dogs react and obey.

secret word for cats


There’s another word for cats registered with the RAE this time around: I know and this time it stays still, to which the cats also react.

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