“It physically hurts me to watch”: These Hollywood stars despise the movies they starred in

“It physically hurts me to watch”: These Hollywood stars despise the movies they starred in

And some do not even hide the fact that they agreed to film only for the money.

In the career of most great artists there is at least one work that they are sincerely proud of, but the opposite situations – when you regret filming – are much more. Even the real legends of the “dream factory” ran into trouble.

George Clooney – ‘Batman and Robin’

The actor didn’t hesitate for a second when he received an offer from Joel Schumacher to become the Dark Knight, but the picture turned out so bad that Warner Bros. for decades she pushed all DC Comics projects to the back shelf of the closet.

Channing Tatum – GI Joe. Throw from Cobra”

Tatum loved GI Joe toys as a child and therefore did not hesitate to sign a contract for Rise of Cobra. The film received terrible reviews due to its plot, special effects and “outdated” humor, which is why the actor tries not to remember it.

Bill Murray Garfield

The artist did not like the cartoon about the red gluttonous cat even at the stage of cramming the script – he was confused by incoherent comments and could not figure out the plot.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – “Red Sonja”

The ambitious fantasy of 1985 was praised only for Brigitte Nielsen – Sonya turned out to be very ‘hot’ of her, but otherwise – from the plot to the action scenes – the film was unsuccessful, and that is to say the least. One can only feel sorry for Schwartz’s children.

Sir Alex Guinness – Star Wars

Legendary franchise, great actor – what could go wrong? Guinness never bothered to explain his dislike, but fans from a galaxy far, far away remembered his Obi-Wan Kenobi forever.

Photo source: Stills from the film “Fubar” (2023); “Tomorrowland” (2015); “A Very Murray Christmas” (2015)

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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