New details of the sequel “I Am Legend”: why Will Smith is still alive, who will star with him

New details of the sequel “I Am Legend”: why Will Smith is still alive, who will star with him

The film has been awaited for 17 years, but the premiere is still far away.

The post-apocalyptic thriller I Am Legend starring Will Smith has become a cult classic, thanks in no small part to its brutal ending, where the main character dies and saves everyone else. However, in the interest of the sequel, it was decided to revive Robert Neville.

The creators of the second part of the film have already announced that the sequel will rely on the alternative ending of the original, in which Smith’s hero still survives. One of the new characters in the zombie action film will be Michael B. Jordan, who made a statement about the status of the film in early June.

“We are still working on the script and getting it in order. It doesn’t even have a release date and I’m not sure where exactly we’ll be filming, but I’m really excited to be on camera with Smith,” the Black Panther star said in the video. magazine. People.

The version of the script for the second part is more faithful to Richard Matheson’s original novel. The plot will unfold several decades after the events of the first film and show a world after the apocalypse, in which nature gradually regains its territory.

Writer Akiva Goldsman previously said the sequel will draw inspiration from the hit show The Last of Us, and focus on visual changes to the world humanity has left behind. The film also explores themes of survival and adaptation in a new world, similar to the popular game (and later HBO series) for Sony PlayStation.

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