These seven films are despised by Quentin Tarantino and considered cult in Russia

These seven films are despised by Quentin Tarantino and considered cult in Russia

The criticism of filmmakers is sometimes very difficult to understand.

Almost all of Quentin Tarantino’s work is on the favorites lists of most Russians; the director has achieved worldwide recognition with ‘Inglourious Basterds’ and ‘Pulp Fiction’. Only the 61-year-old director himself had rather specific tastes.

The fact that Tarantino despises Stanley Kubrick has been rumored in Hollywood for decades, but Quentin spoke openly about his hatred of A Clockwork Orange.

The filmmaker absolutely does not like drama in which provocation is shown purely for the sake of provocation and actually leads to nothing.

Tarantino has plenty of questions about the equally legendary Groundhog Day. The director finds the film’s plot absurd, mainly due to the fact that Bill Murray’s character did nothing unnatural and therefore should not have sought redemption in such a sadistic manner.

The director hated Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade from the first minutes, and Sean Connery was to blame for all this. The legendary actor seemed boring and unconvincing to Quentin.

Tarantino even wrote the script for Natural Born Killers, but Oliver Stone, the thriller’s director, changed the film so much that the final version genuinely infuriated Quentin:

“I hated that damn movie. If you like my work, don’t watch it.”

Even the entire Twin Peaks really pissed off the creator of Kill Bill. The prequel to the series seemed catastrophically boring to the director, and after this work he calls David Lynch nothing but self-centered.

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