Sherlock isn’t the same anymore: why I wanted to stop watching the new series with Cumberbatch at the center

Sherlock isn't the same anymore: why I wanted to stop watching the new series with Cumberbatch at the center

The result: I finished it, I was impressed, but there are a lot of questions for Netflix.

When you look at the trailer of the series “Eric” with Benedict Cumberbatch, you expect at least an exciting detective story, but what we get is a social drama, some moments of which start to make you nauseous towards the end of the first episode. I still overcame myself and did not regret it. Almost.

Cumberbatch got the role of an alcoholic TV presenter – his children’s show on local TV is losing viewers, everything is not going well with his wife, and then his son bothers him with requests to look at his drawings, how can he not fall asleep traps? And when the son of a future showman disappears, the problems with alcohol only become worse.

If you’re expecting something similar to “Prisoners” with Hugh Jackman, you’ll be disappointed; this is a six-episode slow-burn drama that could have easily been cut down to four. And of course this could not have happened without the infamous Western ‘newsletter’.

There are black people, whose problems no one cares about, and unconventional relationships, and long, meaningless dialogues from minor characters for several minutes. The director seems to introduce himself as Quentin Tarantino, but unfortunately the spectacle is soporific. And Cumberbatch may become the only reason to watch until the end here.

The Sherlock star’s character, in his alcoholic madness, begins to see and talk to a monster that came from his missing son’s paintings. Eric, reminiscent of Sally from Monsters, Inc., convinces the protagonist that his son is not missing, but has left home, and the perpetually drunk character goes looking for him.

Cumberbatch is good here, both in his moments of spree and in rare down-to-earth episodes – the audience understands why the hero begins to pose a danger to society.

However, in episodes 4-5, Benedict’s performances become boring, but fortunately the creators finally put a good emphasis on the detective component, and here you cannot get off the hook – you continue to watch until the very end, which turned out to be not excellent , but don’t call him a failure either.

Photo source: Still from the TV series “Eric”

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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