From hate to love: top 7 Turkish TV series such as ‘Knock on my door’

From hate to love: top 7 Turkish TV series such as 'Knock on my door'

Dazzling love stories.

Every fan will agree that Turkish TV series are a special experience. Such intensity of emotions and storm of passions is difficult to find in the cinema of other countries. This is what audiences appreciate, and this is what made projects like “Knock on My Door” big hits.

For all fans who miss Serkan and Eda, we have collected 7 similar series that clearly show how imperceptibly hate turns into love:

The story of Ferhat and Asli – a mafioso and a doctor – who by the will of fate became spouses, was recommended by viewers as psychological therapy for everyone who is tired of everyday stress, everyday life and a tense political situation. Beautiful actors, a winding plot and a memorable soundtrack helped the series “Black and White Love” win millions of fans around the world.

“Windy” competently played the “from hate to love” trope, developing the theme of revenge, which began the story of the main characters, Miran and Reyar. According to fans, the series embodies the concept of ’emotional swing’ as each episode is filled with a huge amount of drama. This scared some viewers away, but hundreds of thousands of others found an outlet for their disgusting daily routine.

The screenwriter of ‘Knock on My Door’ didn’t stop there and in 2022 she released another romantic comedy ‘More Beautiful Than You’. The plot about the fierce rivalry between two doctors – Emir and Efsun – amazed the audience. The reason for this is the attractive main characters, light humor and colorful environments.

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Author: Vasilisa Mironova

Source: Popcorn News

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