20 movie mistakes in the movie Twilight that we haven’t noticed in all this time

20 movie mistakes in the movie Twilight that we haven't noticed in all this time

Have you seen an armadillo? And he was.

It’s unlikely that the makers of ‘Twilight’ knew that a modest indie project about vampires starring unknown actors would become a global hit that fans would watch hundreds of times. Maybe so, otherwise the film crew would have been much more attentive to the editing and props.

Nevertheless, even after 16 years, millions of viewers are so focused on Edward and Bella that they don’t notice these 20 movie mistakes at all:

Most of the creators’ missteps involve props: for example, the protagonist’s classmate’s disappearing sweater, her color-changing backpack, books moving on the desk on their own, or an armadillo appearing out of nowhere on a shelf. .

The biggest enemy for film crews are reflective surfaces, which often make operators, technical equipment and random people visible. Twilight was no exception in this regard. Frankly, these and other blunders are not noticeable, so it is not without reason that the public defends the filmmakers.

They focus much more on plot errors, such as Edward walking calmly in the sunlight in the school parking lot. Victoria walks among schoolchildren during the graduation ceremony. Saving Bella from James, taking into account that the Cullens could kill the hunter together without going on the run.

All of the above is just the tip of the iceberg, but fans are ready to defend their favorite franchise to the end, arguing that minor flaws and plot holes do not spoil the romantic love story.

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Author: Vasilisa Mironova

Source: Popcorn News

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