7 vulgar scenes in cult films that will never be shown to us

7 vulgar scenes in cult films that will never be shown to us

And thank God.

When watching deleted scenes and original scripts, viewers often criticize producers for interfering with the crew’s work. Sometimes it is worth thanking them for the ban on creative experiments, because in an attempt to increase tension on the screen, the creators exceed all the limits of what is permissible.

These 7 examples prove that art should be practiced in moderation:

One of the most memorable horror scenes comes from the pen of Stephen King. In the work “It” the writer not only dealt harshly with children, but also prescribed their orgy. While this clip didn’t derail King’s career in the ’80s, even he admitted that something like this shouldn’t be shown in movies. But Cary Fukunaga, the original director and screenwriter of 2017’s It, wanted to thrill audiences. Fortunately, the producers abandoned this idea.

Could 2016’s Deadpool have been even grittier than when it hit theaters? Certainly. The director said that Ryan Reynolds and his colleague TJ Miller wrote a dialogue full of such offensive jokes, addressed to all walks of life in the country, that the actors themselves refused to include the scene in the final version, fearing an ambiguous reaction from the public.

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be surprised, but even “The Avengers” had a controversial scene cut, or rather, recreated. Kevin Feige admitted in an interview that an early draft of the script presented Agent Coulson’s death too cruelly for child ratings.

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Author: Vasilisa Mironova

Source: Popcorn News

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