11 Netflix series that should never be shown to children

11 Netflix series that should never be shown to children

Parents should be wary of these projects.

Bright covers, vague plot descriptions and the lack of ratings indicated in large numbers can easily turn watching series with your family into a nightmare. Any parent who wants to care about what their child watches should remember this.

Even Netflix cartoons aren’t always a safe choice, especially if they contain adult themes, gore, and dirty jokes. This selection includes 11 TV series that should not be shown to children, so as not to leave them with psychological trauma and avoid uncomfortable moments:

“Big Mouth” is misleading from the first frames with its cute art, bright color palette and school children, but this is a pitfall. The plot reveals the horrors of puberty, without disdaining dark humor and provocative scenes. Young children will either not understand what this sitcom is about, or they will bombard their parents with a myriad of questions to which they simply cannot find a decent answer.

The fairytale setting of The Witcher may also seem suitable for viewing on a fun evening with the family, but only until the first sex scene or close-up murder. The series follows the original book and demonstrates the ugliness of the adult world, which every child should be kept away from.

Naive parents may consider sex education a worthwhile project to teach their children, but this is a rather controversial opinion. The series received high ratings for its bold discussion of candid topics, although the series was loved by viewers around the world.

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Author: Vasilisa Mironova

Source: Popcorn News

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