15 silent movie bloopers in Gentlemen of Fortune that simply have no excuse

15 silent movie mistakes in Gentlemen of Fortune that simply have no excuse

Oh, how much film did the associate professor cut, how many takes did he ruin.

Perhaps all Russians over 40 are convinced that the best films were made in the USSR. Soviet cinema still has no equal in creating sincere stories, characters and songs, but from a technical point of view, dear films are full of mistakes, even Gentlemen of Fortune.

We are not talking about a few inconsistencies that do not deserve attention, but about 15 film mistakes at once that attentive viewers saw:

How many people noticed that when the associate professor is kicked, the print of the boot before the impact can be seen on Evgeniy Leonov’s trouser leg? What about the variety of Fedya scarves, which change color and pattern on the go, or cars that change license plates in seconds? In the fifty years since the comedy came out, these moments have captured the attention of rare viewers.

From some of the errors you can tell that the scene was reshot many times, repeating shot after shot. The film crew had to change props more than once: fill glasses with different drinks, repair torn clothes, bring new cars to the set.

Viewers humorously noticed another blunder, but this time in the script: why does Vasily Alibabaevich, sentenced to only a year, take a “trump” place in the cell before the arrival of the main character?

All of the above, while surprising, does not in any way spoil the pleasure of watching your favorite movie. The Russians note that if such shortcomings are discovered, it means that the film has already been viewed millions of times, and only the best works deserve this.

Photo source: Mosfilm

Author: Vasilisa Mironova

Source: Popcorn News

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