Fill your parties with magic with the ISDINCEUTICS Magic Box

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The important thing is not the days left for these holidays, but the moments you are going to experience. The reunions with friends. Dinner with the family you haven’t seen in a while. The invisible friend. Magical encounters that make you want to shine in each of these moments. And make them special.

You know what’s best about MAGIC BOX from ISDINCEUTICS? You don’t have to follow a specific order: your plans determine what your skin needs. A gala dinner or a trip to the snow? Getting up early after the end of the year? It’s up to you.

Each elegant gold box carries an inspiring phrase and contains products or mini sizes that help you get the most out of your skin in each of these festive moments. Some of them are the FLAVO-C FORTE vitamin C serum, the ESSENTIAL CLEANSING oil cleanser, the latest RETINAL INTENSE and many other products that we keep secret so as not to reveal all the surprises to you.

Go to and download it.

Scan the QR code found on the inside top flap of your ISDIN product box or on a sticker you see on the side of the product box. The more points you get, the more experiences you can redeem. Like this Magic Box full of products ideal for this holiday season.

In addition, we raffle 100 ISDINCEUTICS Magic Box at LOVE ISDIN. Raffle every week!

Source: Marie Claire