Four makeup tips for girls with glasses: eyeshadow and eyeliner go together perfectly

Putting on makeup while wearing glasses can be quite challenging. challenge, because most eyeshadow trends are too busy to put anything else on top of it. But we’re unraveling your drama friend ’cause Glasses with these little tricks are new bff.

Vera&The Birds’ collaborator, make-up artist Agustina de Veras, gave us four. tips It is very easy to put into practice. Together with them we completely changed the rules of the game for girls with glasses and made them The perfect complement to frame and enhance ours make up.

Match the frame type to your makeup

makeup hacks for girls with glasses
makeup hacks for girls with glasses

Palette of natural and intense shadows from Vera & The Birds, 26 euros.

when we have too much expression, heroes with a thick and colorful frame. Trying to combine them with fancy makeup will just get us way out of line. So expert advice make up is: “to use pasta frames in natural makeup and thin frames for stronger makeup”.

Compare the shape of the glasses with the shape of the eyeliner

makeup hacks for girls with glasses
Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses

They're Real!  Precision Liquid Eyeliner Benefit Xtreme

They’re Real! Precision Liquid Eyeliner Benefit Xtreme

RRP at Sephora €20.24

A make-up always works the question of contrasts and balances. If the lips are heavily painted, we compensate with more natural eyes and vice versa. We take the same lesson with glasses.

“For round frames are best summarized in length draws that look.” On the contrary, if you have glasses cat eye you can play with round shadows that close the eyelid.

eyelash curler vs mask

makeup hacks for girls with glasses
Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses

Essence eyelash curler

Essence eyelash curler

RRP €3.54 in Primor

RRP €3.59 in Druni

One of the most common dramas for girls with glasses lashes with a stroke of mascara and then collide continuously by staining the glass with the product. To solve this, the expert recommends using the curling iron: “not only does it help lift your eyes, but it also stops rubbing against the glass.”

This bff from tortoiseshell glasses

makeup hacks for girls with glasses
Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses

Vera&The Birds Into the Bloom Radiant matte lipstick, 16 Euros.

Such tortoiseshell frames are super elegant and sophisticated, they look good on blondes and brunettes and give a pop of color that never gets boring. But on top they go perfectly with red lipsthe make-up artist approves.

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