Is it true that the use of Botox in youth will protect against wrinkles in old age?

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The trend of “early rejuvenation” is becoming more and more popular in social networks. A recent report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons revealed that in 2020, young people in their 30s are becoming more interested in injections. Around 811,000 Botox procedures were performed during the year – that’s 18% of the total in the country. Some dermatologists say the preventative approach really works, while others say it’s a marketing gimmick.

The basic thesis of doctors who do not agree with the theory is that the appearance of wrinkles is not prevented, but delayed with this approach. Even if you start doing Botox when you are young, the face will not stay still and some emotions will cause wrinkles to appear.

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Other doctors believe that although Botox wears off after about three to four months, it can delay the natural aging process. And if you stop giving injections at the age of 45 or 50, of course wrinkles will appear, but not as noticeable as they would be without them. In addition, the results of a Botox study on two twins in 2006 came to light. A woman who has been injecting for 13 years was less wrinkled than her older sister.

The one thing most dermatologists agree on is that Botox is safe and effective. However, its long-term use is still poorly studied, so it is too early to draw any early conclusions.

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