10 trendy haircuts this spring: ’90s bob and a new pixie look

We have little time to choose a haircut for the new season, although winter can not decide whether to leave or not. Love for retro hairstyles and new interpretations of the classics – that’s what awaits us this spring.

medium length hairy

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The layered haircut worn by ’70s rock stars like Mick Jagger has been trending for years. All thanks to the ongoing nostalgia and obsession with the past century. Shaggy is translated from English as “shaggy”, which fully explains the essence of the haircut – its beauty is in the negligence. Unlike previous seasons, medium length hairs like Miley Cyrus are popular this season. A big plus of the haircut is that it is suitable for any hair. It will add subtle volume and give curly shape.

Bob in the style of the 90s

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This year can be officially declared the year of the bob haircut. First, Jules appeared with him on the new season of Euphoria, and then Selena Gomez said goodbye to her usual length. There are many variations of the haircut, but this season a nineties-style bob dominates. Its second name – the “square bob” – appeared due to the same length (up to the jawline) and an even cut. The haircut is universal – it can be worn both with perfectly straight hair and with curled hair.


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You can’t imagine more variation than fairies have – bixie (bob and pixie), mixie (mullet and pixie) and now nixie. The name combines two words – almost and pixie, that is, “almost a fairy.” This is an androgynous haircut for those who don’t feel strong enough for a short pixie cut. How is it different from the classics? The hairstyle looks like an overgrown pixie – short hair on the back and sides and a gradual haircut along the entire length.

curly bangs

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No matter how tall we are, sooner or later the explosion wins. The latest proof of this is Selena Gomez, who was happy with straight hair until recently and recently shared a photo with wavy bangs. This is the perfect solution if you have wavy hair and don’t want to touch your neck.

Light strands on the face

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As spring approaches, the desire to be blonde increases exponentially. Especially when you see the stars: for example, the latest release of platinum-haired Gigi Hadid. But this color is quite difficult to maintain all the time, so we have an alternative – light threads that frame the face. This type of painting refreshes the image and does not require special care.

long strand bangs

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Long stranded bangs on the sides have recently become popular, especially among the stars. Megan Fox, Dua Lipa and Sidney Sweeney have recently come up with such a hairstyle. For a delicate look, tie your hair back into a ponytail or bun and focus on the fringes. And for a more voluminous hairstyle, curl and curl your bangs a little.

layered haircut

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A classic graduated haircut is a good way to freshen up the ends and update the look a bit. Due to the fact that the length is cut in layers, the hairstyle looks voluminous and is suitable even for thin hair. By the way, this haircut will look great with long bangs. And if you don’t know where to find inspiration, reference pictures of Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon from the early 2000s.


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The mixi is a combination of a fairy and a mullet: short strands that frame the face and stretch in the back. Bold, fresh and truly supple, it not only adds volume to the hairstyle but also suits all hair types and face shapes. And an example can be taken from Barbie Ferreira – in the classic version of the mix, the strands on the back should be shorter, but we like her interpretation no less.


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Layered cascading haircut with long bangs. This hairstyle is a real illusionist. If you look forward you will see square hair and if you look back you will see long hair. This effect is created thanks to the layers. The first is short strands at the level of the chin, and the second is long curls. They merge unnoticed and add volume to the hair.

Long hair

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Healthy long hair that is cut perfectly evenly is another 2000s trend that is now making a comeback. However, the length is not for everyone – it looks best on tall girls, but short girls can make it visually lower. And, of course, this option is for those who are ready and love to take care of and care for their hair.

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