5 permanent scents special for summer that last until the evening

It doesn’t matter where you plan to spend your holiday; In the city, in the countryside or by the sea, the right perfume can create the right atmosphere and mood. True, in summer aromas evaporate faster than at other times of the year, so when choosing a composition you need to look for one that contains components with a higher level of durability. This was told to us by Marina Sokolova, leading technologist of the distribution company Luxe Cosmetics.

Which scents are the most lasting?

Perfumer Michael Edwards proposed a classification of scents by dividing them into four groups: floral, fresh, woody and oriental. The last two are considered the most persistent and deep and can leave an impressive aroma in the air due to the presence of certain components in the base.


Lefko toilet water, Korres, 4200 rub.

Sandalwood is a durable substance made from sandalwood oil. The age must be at least 30. The aroma of sandalwood is refined, sweet-woody, with musky and balsamic notes; It leaves a long, noble mark when it comes into contact with the skin. Sandalwood gives a wood tone that brings harmony and peace to the perfume composition. Due to its properties, this component is used as a stabilizer in perfumery.


Eau de parfum No. 9, Eutopie, 15,900 rub.

Cedar is a woody substance that gradually reveals itself on the skin, leaving behind an enveloping scar. Compositions with cedar notes are distinguished by a soft woody aroma, which in the heat reveals light floral accords and a warm forest sound. Cedar balances the sweet notes, making the composition balanced and comfortable for hot summer days. The cedar note is a classic woody note and is therefore present in both men’s and women’s perfumes. It is often used in the trail of a scent and its sound is quite long and bright.


Eau de parfum Hit The Mark, M.INT, 16.800 rub.

Patchouli is the essential oil of an Asian shrub with a complex aroma. The content reveals woody-spicy, earthy and woody accords. Thanks to the versatility of the aroma, patchouli compositions do not fade for a long time and retain the aroma on the skin even on hot days.


Vip Pure Eau de Parfum, Emmanuelle Jane, 10,900 RUR.

Vanilla is the fruit of some orchid species and retains its aroma for up to 40 years. Vanilla compositions develop differently but always leave a persistent creamy trace. On hot days, a perfume with vanilla as a base lasts for a long time and acquires an elegant sound over time.

tonka bean

Eau de parfum Musk Patchouli, Ramasat, 14,000 rub.

Tonka bean, or coumarin, is the fruit of a plant called Dipteryx aromatica, which grows in tropical regions. Bean flavor is versatile, complex, sweet and warm. It contains tones of prunes, caramel, vanilla and freshly cut hay. Tonka bean combines harmoniously with many ingredients and creates a very beautiful sound, especially when combined with cinnamon and sage. Most often, the tonka bean note is used as one of the base notes in oriental compositions and therefore sounds for quite a long time, enveloping its owner in a soft mystical cloud.

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