Beauty news of the week: Perfume and anti-edema serum for strong and independent people

Thanks to the long weekend ahead, Wednesday feels like Friday, which is good news. However, despite the short working week, brands have prepared many new products for us.

Last week we talked about the new Bioderma serums and the brand with the most eye-catching hair accessories. Here we will introduce you to Predubezhdai brand perfumes and Darling alginate masks*.

The Predubezhdai brand carefully warns: “The search for a sponsor can take a long time, so it’s time to make one for yourself.” And if we were strong and independent, these perfumes would definitely fit into our perfume wardrobe. They smell of stability, crisp banknotes and a strong feeling that you can move even mountains. It is not a scent in general, but an ideal confirmation for a happy future with notes of patchouli, vanilla, sage and amber.

What we were missing in the Darling* brand collection were alginate masks. Now there are three of them – intensely moisturizing, evening skin tone and with a lifting effect. It’s all two-step: First, you apply the serum to the skin from the top of the package, then cover it with an alginate mask. After 20-30 minutes the magic happens; the skin is moisturized and glows from within.

Noah brand has launched a new product; A hair spray that meets all your needs at once. The product makes combing easier, softens unruly strands, deeply nourishes and has an antistatic effect (especially useful for autumn and winter). It can also be used as thermal protection. It is enough to carefully distribute the spray throughout the hair and it will be reliably protected from high temperatures.

A new procedure has appeared in the menu of the Institute Studio area, which was created according to the principle of fast beauty and has made a name for itself. Urban detox is not only what our skin needs but also what we need. During the procedure, the beautician uses both hardware and manual techniques. As a result, the skin is cleansed, the texture is evened and the face becomes radiant. By the way, the procedure takes 90 minutes, and it feels like an hour and a half of complete calm and relaxation.

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In anticipation of summer, Payot has launched the limited-edition Neroli D’Ete body series, inspired by the warm orange blossom scent that fills Italy’s southern region of Calabria every morning with the arrival of spring. The collection includes perfumed body water, milk and shower gel. All products leave behind a soft, enveloping aroma, and their bottles are decorated with drawings by Parisian artist Leslie David. These are exactly the products you will want to take with you to the beach in the summer.

Let’s be honest, roll-on eye products are our favorite. It’s so nice to move them over your skin and feel how joy gradually comes to you. For lovers like us, the Icelandic brand Skyn ​​has released a new product – gel serum based on microalgae antioxidants, which reduces puffiness under the eyes, protects against premature aging, moisturizes the skin and improves its texture.

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