Wedding makeup 2024: 7 most beautiful options

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Any makeup artist will tell you that wedding makeup should be natural, light and always with a single highlight. But we still like to think that there are no rules in makeup, just like in the beauty industry in general. Therefore, below we have collected both classic versions of wedding makeup (with arrows and emphasis on the lips) and more non-standard versions (with pearlescent skin and tufts of false eyelashes).

And yes, do not forget that makeup should match not only the dress but also the hairstyle. Therefore, you will find the most fashionable options for wedding hairstyles here.

pearlescent skin

Hailey Bieber. Photo by Getty Images

A trend called pearl skin makeup or “pearl skin makeup” has gone viral on TikTok at the right time as it is an ideal option for creating wedding looks. There are no bright highlights in this makeup; all attention is directed to glowing skin. Therefore, let’s move on to a detailed description of how to create it. There may be two options here. First, once your makeup is ready, use a beauty blender to apply the liquid highlighter to your cheekbones, the tip of your nose, your eyelids, a little bit on your chin, and Cupid’s bow. Your skin will instantly look like psoriasis. The second option is to pre-mix a few drops of liquid highlighter with your foundation (or BB cream) and apply it to your face. This way the shine won’t be too intrusive, but rather barely noticeable.

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angel makeup

Stella Maxwell. Photo: Getty Images

“They called me from heaven and said that the most beautiful angel ran away from them, but I did not give you away” – it is this struggle familiar to many that is personified by the following makeup. How is it created? First of all, pay special attention to your skin. It should be well moisturized, shining from the inside and almost translucent. For this, use BB cream instead of foundation. Second, replace your contouring products with blush. Apply the product to the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, forehead, chin and eyelids. Let it be a very soft, barely noticeable coverage, because our goal is to create the feeling that there is almost no makeup on the face. Third, use a sheer gloss for your lips and slightly shimmery shadows for your eyes. This way the makeup will be weightless and truly angelic.

matte leather

Gigi Hadid. Photo: social networks

The exact opposite of the pearl skin trend is cloud skin (literally from English – “cloud skin”). In other words, it is a matte skin. But there is a reason why the trend got this name. The skin should mimic how clouds look when the sun shines through them, that is, it should shine, but shine very softly, as if through a fog. When applying make-up, remove highlighter and all shiny products, and remove products with matte and semi-matte textures. Prepare your skin well before applying these – this is the only way to create shine from within. Cleanse with exfoliating pads, apply toner and moisturizer. After that you can start applying makeup. And remember that you need to apply matte powder at the end – but only on the T-zone, and not on the entire face.

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Photo: social networks

Monochrome makeup will never go out of style because it is a classic. It can be worn and styled on almost any occasion. This is because only one product is enough for monochromatic makeup – blush. But this is not the case with wedding makeup. For her, it is better to choose at least three products for lips, cheeks and eyes in adjacent shades. For example, peach tones are suitable to give the skin a light tan effect, while pink tones will make the look more delicate and sweet.

Emphasis on lips

Phoebe Tonkin. Photo: social networks

The wedding ceremony traditionally ends with a kiss, so makeup with an emphasis on the lips is the ideal eyeliner for the most important moment. The most important thing in this makeup is durability. Therefore, matte lipstick will be the best choice. But first you need to outline the anatomical contour of the lips (that is, their most convex part, and not the pigmented area) with a pencil. Then apply matte lipstick. Use this life hack to make it last even longer: After applying the product, dry your lips with a napkin, then apply powder to the napkin and press it to your lips again. If you don’t know which lipstick tone to choose, ash pink and cold brown tones look great in wedding makeup.

Lipstick Velvet Cap Liquid Lipstick, Felinger, 980 rub.

classic with arrow

Nicola Peltz. Photo: social networks

If you want to focus on your eyes in your wedding make-up, eyeliner or pencil will come in handy. The only question is what effect should be achieved. If your goal is to create a more classic and formal look, choose a clear graphic arrow. And if, on the contrary, it is romantic and gentle, an arrow with shadows will suit you.

Emphasis on eyelashes

Salavat Kypere. Photo: social networks

If “no makeup” and pastel tones are not your thing at all, and even a white dress cannot make you comply with the established rules, we have a non-standard solution. For example, make-up with emphasis on eyelashes in black smoky or all colors of the rainbow. By the way, fake buns will help make them longer and more voluminous. They look great on both upper and lower eyelids.

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