3 women’s hairstyles that all men hate

For a woman, hairstyle is an important component of her image. Not in vain: “If you want to change your life, start with your head,” meaning specifically a haircut or coloring. But some experiments with style are not at all popular among men.

We are talking about three women’s hairstyles that men cannot resist. But before you read this, note this gentle reminder from the The Fashion Vibes editors: Only you decide which hairstyle you want. And the opinions of others in this choice should definitely not worry or bother you.

A frame from the movie “In Pursuit of Beauty”

donut on head

There cannot be a more comfortable hairstyle for a woman than the messy bun she can make in 5 seconds. With it, as they say, you can go to the feast and the world. True, many men do not understand this fashion. For them, such a choice means not having time for themselves or excessive carelessness.


Let’s be honest, braids are not the most suitable hairstyle for a grown girl. We agree that sometimes it’s a state of mind to be nostalgic and remember how beautiful you were at school, but it’s better to leave that to yourself. Men can’t stand braided hair unless it’s about their daughter or little sister.

licked hair

Slicked hair is an ideal evening hairstyle that will definitely not go unnoticed among other girls. But men are more likely to appreciate just straight hair or light and careless curls.

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