5 secret signs that your colleagues don’t respect you

“You come and ask for something from me, but you ask disrespectfully.” You probably know this meme phrase from the movie “The Godfather” where Marlon Brando’s character says it. Everyone wants to feel like an authority to others, especially at work, but not everyone achieves this. The reason for this is our unconscious behavior, which is why our colleagues underestimate us. This cannot be understood immediately, but only through indirect signs. Let’s figure out what signals in his behavior should alert you.

you are being ignored

A frame from the “Westworld” series

You say hello to your colleagues but they don’t even look in your direction, they continue to discuss something heatedly. When it comes to keeping you updated on work developments, they ignore it and say they are too busy to make time for you. It seems like no one is openly conflicting, but it’s like you’re constantly being interrupted and your words fall on deaf ears. Maybe you’re not sensitive enough and you’re not a good conversationalist. Perhaps you should start by being an active listener, asking clarifying questions and giving compliments. This can break the ice. Train caution: Who communicates with whom and how. This will come in handy.

Your words are doubtful

You voice your ideas in a planning meeting and your colleagues trash your plan? You really did a great job, but is there a critic who would devalue your efforts? Now answer: Who gave them the right to behave this way? You don’t need to stay silent. Defend your ideas to management. Until you recognize your own virtues, others will perceive your compromises as weakness. You can speak directly to the reviewer in private. The important thing is not to let the situation take its course. Otherwise, others will follow the example of the insolent.

Your time is not valuable

A frame from the “Westworld” series

If a few minutes before the end of the working day, one of your colleagues approaches you with a serious face, burdened with too much work, then respond in the spirit of Scarlett O’Hara, who said that she will think. about it tomorrow. If the task is truly urgent, why are you only informed now? Most likely this is the fault of your colleague who warned you too late. Put it back in place, emphasizing that your study time is over. There is no need to overload yourself and overwork. No one will appreciate it, but they will “ride” even more.

Your colleagues are taunting you

If you notice that you are being ridiculed or ridiculed, in no case should you ignore it. Politely ask what the other person means. Ask, he will be pleased if you say the same. Let the person see that you are not afraid to enter into an open conflict and will not allow yourself to be offended. The same goes for condescension when they try to make you look like an inferior employee. Don’t allow passive-aggressive behavior towards yourself.

Your co-workers exclude you from the company

Of course, you don’t have to make friends among your colleagues, but respect should be the default. If you notice that people are gossiping about you, giving backhanded compliments, lying or “outing” someone, excluding you from public conversations and shared activities, you should stop this immediately.

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