Proper nutrition of Princess Diana suitable for everyone: borscht and a delicious cocktail

Even though she passed away almost 30 years ago, Princess Diana remains one of the most influential women in history. Thanks to her charisma and sincere closeness to the people, she managed to break away from all the stereotypes of the British monarchy and become the queen of people’s hearts.

It is a reference point in many areas of life for many girls, regardless of age, nationality and social status. Lady Di inspired not only designers of major fashion houses, but also ordinary people. The princess’s only visit to Russia in 1995 caused a sensation. And even today, in the age of new trends in the fashion and beauty industry, Diana’s style and lifestyle remain relevant and interesting.

Princess Diana allowed herself to be rebellious about everything except food. She easily broke royal protocol and wore above-the-knee dresses, but was unable to change her dietary guidelines. Diana’s diet lasted her entire adult life. The princess was focusing on her diet and trying not to break it. We’re talking about it.

special menu

What Diana ate became known to the public after her death. Former Kensington Palace chef Darren McGrady published a book called “Eating Like a Royal” in 2020, in which he talked about the special diet of royal family members. This includes what Princess Diana ate. According to the chef, he always followed a moderate diet. It contained a lot of vegetables – fresh, boiled, steamed. At the princess’s request, her favorite smoothie made from spinach, celery, parsley, carrots and bell pepper was also prepared.

Meanwhile, Lady Di was completely indifferent to meat; He could occasionally eat lamb for dinner. She mostly chose fish or birds. And then only in boiled or baked form.

He was not in the mood for sweets, flour and fast food. On her cheat day, Princess Diana opted for cocktails over cake or cheeseburgers. If she had a weakness, it was Bellini. True, he rarely indulged himself in this regard. After that, I trained with every cup in the gym.

Princess Diana’s 3 Favorite Foods

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Stuffed peppers

Darren McGrady made these to a special royal recipe. Since the princess is a picky eater, she managed to develop her own stuffed peppers, that is, a low-calorie one. By the way, he says Diana eats them every week. After struggling with bulimia while preparing for her wedding to Charles, she gave up heavy cream and rich sauces in her meals. Lady Di tried to eat in small portions; That’s why she only needed one stuffed pepper to feel full.

tomato mousse

Diana never insisted that any of her family or guests eat like her. Therefore, one day, during lunch with Oprah Winfrey at the palace, the princess’s favorite dish was served on the table in two different ways. We are talking about tomato mousse, which is a rather fatty dish due to the content of mayonnaise, sour cream and cream. So, Oprah had a classic version of the mousse, and Diana had a low-calorie version. True, the guest did not know this. The journalist asked the princess how she manages to stay so slim while eating quite nutritious meals, and the princess replied: “I train a lot.”


Another surprising fact about Princess Diana is that she is a secret fan of Russian cuisine. One of Lady Di’s favorite dishes was borscht, which she also knew how to cook. Her recipe called for beets, yogurt, onion, chicken broth, milk, sour cream, salt and pepper.

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