The Anti-Seum Advice: Internet Finds of the Week

Come on, we’re tired of environmental depression and reading anxiety-provoking news. Welcome to this section of joy and good humor (and also great chaos).

Are we relaunching our Internet searches (again) to start the week off right? NO. Well, almost not. First of all because it’s the weekend, so the week is over, and secondly because here we won’t only find funny videos and photos. We will share with you everything that made us smile in the editorial office, what cheered us up, what made us laugh so much that we spit coffee out of our nose (don’t do it at home, it’s bad), in short we free ourselves from the whey and breathe through the stomach.

The best videos of the week

Let’s start with the coronation (again) ofAnatomy of a fall. Here the cast must answer a simple question: what is your favorite film? Best answer given: The city of fear (and we totally confirm this cinematic choice, if anyone is interested):

We continue with the best skater, Ms. Cynthia, who recently packed up her skates forever:

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Nice news of the week

Remember the funniest video in the world (yes, that one), in which a father, Robert Kelly, a political science expert, was interrupted in the middle of an interview by his freewheeling children?

Well, seven years after this hilarious scene, this is what the youngest one looks like as he trots in:

In a completely different register, a young student, for a school project, managed to collect bunches of unsold flowers from the florist in her city, to flower the graves in the cemetery that had not been decorated:

Conspiracy theory of the week

If, like many, you are wondering where Kate Middleton has ended up, know that she has certainly fallen in love with the baker from a remote town who doesn’t know she’s a princess, and who will help her rediscover the true meaning of Christmas:

Or is he secretly planning something with Lady Di:

Ahh that sucks, it’s not good to make humor about this, it’s not funny, yeah, if it turns out he’s really not okay » yes, well maybe, she too is living her best life in Finland with reindeer and Gin To. Who knows.

Cute tweets of the week

Finally, we conclude with the tweets that moved us the most:

Feel free to share your good news of the week in the comments!

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