7 best mascaras to create voluminous lashes

It is believed that the first mascara was released on March 16, 1917. It was created by chemist Terry L. Williams for his sister Mabel. The product was a mixture of charcoal powder and petroleum jelly. Following the enormous success of the mascara, Terry founded her own company, Maybelline, whose name comes from the combination of her sister’s name (Mabel) and the ingredient in the mascara formula (Vaseline). Now the day when the first mascara appears on the shelves is usually celebrated on March 16. On this occasion, we decided to share our favorites among the most popular products in women’s cosmetic bags.

Everyone knows the Darling* brand for its fabric masks and Lash Cocoon thermal mascara. But we found another great mascara in the decorative cosmetics collections. Its main feature is a micro applicator, with which you can paint literally every eyelash, and this is not an exaggeration. Typically volumizing mascara has large brushes, so they touch the upper eyelid frequently. However, there will be no such problem with this product. Of course, you should not expect the effect of false eyelashes, but lengthening and natural volume will be provided.

Catrice has an extensive mascara collection; Among them we have highlighted the lilac Glam & Doll more than once. But we have another in mind: a soft brush that visibly lifts and thickens hair. In this way, eyelashes gain additional volume. In addition, mascara performs not only decorative but also caring functions. Its formula contains almond and castor oil. It nourishes the eyelashes from the inside, making them healthier.

The Rodial brand does not have such a large collection of decorative products, but what they have is excellent. Even the name of Glamolash Mascara XXL sounds convincing. It has an expressive brush that you have to be careful with: move it awkwardly and it will leave a mark. But with slow and careful processing of eyelashes, mascara separates and lengthens them well, creating a natural volume. When applied in two layers, the effect will be even more pronounced – the eyelashes will become black, dense and lush.

We bet everyone has heard of this mascara. Some time ago, it actively went viral on TikTok due to the effect of false eyelashes that can be achieved with its help. For such values, as usual, you have to thank the brush. It is silicone with three-level bristles, thus capturing and coloring each eyelash, making the total mass two or even three times thicker and more voluminous.

Holika Holika mascara has a miniature curved applicator with which you can separate, curl and lengthen your lashes at the same time. And thus the desired volume is achieved without lumps and sticky hairs. Mascara has a small format, and this is only one advantage for it – it is recommended to change the product every two to three months, and the volume is ideal for this period.

Olga Romanova’s product and the mascara with the most unusual brush is another favorite of ours. The product has a light consistency that spreads well onto the lashes and does not disperse over time. Mascara lengthens and separates your lashes so naturally that it looks like it comes naturally.

Babor mascara has a wavy, voluminous brush that coats every lash and creates a 3D effect. As a result, the view becomes more expressive and spacious. Also, the mascara has a good formula based on oils and ceramides. They help retain moisture and strengthen the eyelash structure.

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