The Internet started talking about Maria Sharapova’s return to big sports. It’s all because of his education

Despite the fact that tennis player Maria Sharapova ended her career four years ago, the Russian athlete continues to be actively involved in sports.

Maria Sharapova. Photo: Getty Images

Some of his subscribers, looking at the last training of the star, thought that the tennis player wants to return to the big sport: “Maybe he will return?”, “The best tennis player”, “Are you planning to return?”, “You are returning.” Cool.” Really impressive.

Let us also remind you that Maria Sharapova announced her retirement in 2020. “I devoted my life to tennis, and tennis gave me life. I will miss him every day. He shared his feelings that day: “I will miss training and the daily routine: waking up at dawn, tying the laces of my left shoe, then my right shoe, closing the field gate before kicking the ball for the first time that day.”

Maria Sharapova. Photo: Getty Images

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