7 trends in hair dyeing: Scandinavian yellow, red and pink

Spring is just around the corner, so very soon we will be overwhelmed by the desire to change our appearance. Which color tones should you choose to be trendy in 2024? We asked hair stylists.

Anastasia Morozova, master of the hair salon CULTURE

color painting

Dua Lipa. Photo: social networks

The brightest trend of this year is colored hair. It is a monochromatic coloring in red tones: from pink to burgundy. Dua Lipa started this trend and now Kylie Jenner has caught it. We’re sure we’ll see this trend on celebrities and fashion influencers all year long.

full blonde

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Small stretch marks and lots of blondes using complex techniques are being replaced by two trends: full blonde and baby lights. But first, about the full blonde. The most fashionable are pastel shades – lavender, pink, blue. But classic beige, golden and pearlescent shades look no less cool. The important thing is to choose them according to the color of your face and eyes.

baby lights

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Unlike full blonde, soft highlights are two or three shades lighter than natural hair. This technique will visually add volume and make your hair more attractive and fresh.

hot brunette

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Cold tones are replaced by warm tones: honey, caramel and chocolate. These colors shine so beautifully in the sun that it is impossible to take your eyes off them.

Oksana Dayan, hairdresser at Mille Fey beauty salons

The most important thing in any coloring is healthy hair. Elegant color combinations with the impeccable shine of healthy, expensive hair are an indispensable condition of the current old-money style, which continues to win the hearts of fashionistas.

sand tones

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Voluminous hair in complex sandy tones supports the natural trend and is becoming especially popular these days. Soft, warm yellow in the style of Safari or the Wild West will be especially in demand this year.

hot redhead

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This season, we choose cocktails with calm colors of cinnamon and ginger, with a drop of cherry or raspberry accent. The saturation and depth of shadows leave no chance and make you fall in love at first sight.

scandinavian blonde

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The lightest Scandinavian blonde possible will remain with us as an ancient trend. The whiteness of marble and the softness of tunics – we preserve these shades of baby lights in the highlights of snow-white hair growth. If you want more life and fewer problems, add light yellow, flawed and slightly disheveled, with 2000s grunge and style.

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