Porcelain doll: All the plastic surgeries of South Korea’s First Lady

South Korea now ranks first in the world in the number of plastic surgeries per capita. Here, people start changing their appearance from puberty, and the most popular coming-of-age gift is thought to be a plastic surgeon certificate.

In South Korea, there is a strong belief that one must meet certain beauty standards. And plastic surgery is one of the easiest ways to achieve this. In Seoul, it is believed that a person who is happy with his appearance is more self-confident and can easily achieve success in his business and personal life.

Kim Kon Hee. Photo: Getty Images

Over the past month, the wife of South Korean leader Yun Seok-yeol has been actively discussed on the Internet. The answer to the question of how one looks at 51 compared to 30 is very simple: Plastic surgery. We asked an expert to talk about what kind of surgical procedures Kim Kong Hee underwent.

Andrey Enin, plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Atlas Medical Center


When you look at Kim Kong Hee’s youth and current photos, the first thing that catches your eye is her nose aesthetics.

The nose is an anatomical structure that grows throughout life and decreases over the years. The 51-year-old First Lady’s nose looks more elegant than when she was younger. In general, a low tip of the nose always makes the person look older. Therefore, rhinoplasty, which aims to shorten the tip of the nose and turn it upward, always rejuvenates. Not only externally, but also physiologically: oxygen is the main fuel of our body. And hypoxia (a condition in which the body is deprived of oxygen) is one of the main causes of premature aging.

Now, according to statistics, approximately 70% of patients experience breathing problems, nasal congestion and morning fatigue. For this reason, today there is a trend towards structural protective rhinoplasty. During this process, the doctor internally expands the supporting structures of the upper nasal bridge to allow air to move more freely in the nasal cavity after surgery. Visually, the nose does not expand, but the patient solves the problems of hypoxia precisely for the sake of active longevity.

Facelift and blepharoplasty

Seen from different angles, Kim Kon Hee has a visible facelift, eyelid surgery, and of course, platysmoplasty (neck surgery). This helps him look quite fresh and young for his age.

Kim Kon Hee. Photo: legion-media.ru

We see the “tense face” effect in the First Lady. The fact is that Korean women tend to narrow the oval, as a result of which the face can look unnatural and more like a mask. Moreover, the use of facial silicone and porous implants was previously common in South Korea. Some people made mistakes when performing rhinoplasty, which could later cause problems in the nutrition of the skin at the back of the nose. Maybe Kim Kong Hee once had it too, now we see the effect of an emotionless face.

What does Kim Kong Hee’s age indicate?

Kim Kon Hee. Photo: Getty Images

The only thing that reveals the real age of South Korea’s First Lady is her hands. Hands are one of the main markers of age. In some photos of Kim Kon Hee, a critical difference between her face and hands is noticeable.

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