“I’ll do it on the weekend”: 10 bright eye makeup ideas

This section is especially for those who only have time to apply moisturizer to their skin during the week (by the way, we’re in this club). There is no question of any arrows, smoke or even more experiments in makeup, the main task in the morning is to go to work and not be late. But on Saturday you can sit for hours on a new makeover and try new things. Therefore, every Friday, we will make a make-up selection that you can gradually repeat over the weekend.

Next up is a makeover inspired by the sharp change in the weather outside the window. Apple and cherry trees have bloomed on the street, and you want to add color to your image. Now is the moment when it’s already hot, but not yet to the extent that makeup says “goodbye.” So take advantage of it while you can.

To create a long-lasting bright eye makeup, you need two basic things – eye shadow and eye primer. The latter should be used at the very beginning so that the shadows look brighter and do not roll over time. By the way, instead of the primer, you can apply light cream shadows – they will be well fixed, as they have a thick texture.

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