“I will do it on the weekend”: 10 ideas for make-up in red tones

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This section is especially for those who only have time to apply moisturizer to their skin during the week (by the way, we’re in this club). There is no question of any arrows, smoke or even more experiments in makeup, the main task in the morning is to go to work and not be late. But on Saturday you can sit for hours on a new makeover and try new things. Therefore, every Friday, we will make a make-up selection that you can gradually repeat over the weekend.

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Next up is red makeup inspired by the TikTok trend “I’m cold makeup” (translated from English. “I’m cold”). The hashtag #redeyeshadow has already reached over 45 million views, and the biggest fashion houses, including Chanel, have chosen red as the most trending shade of spring 2023.

When the word “red tone” is mentioned in make-up, the first thing that comes to mind is lipstick. However, color can be added not only to the lips but also to the eyelids. For example, use red eyeliner, shadows, glitter or pencil. We’ve gathered some more visual ideas for you below – grab a cosmetic bag and move on.

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Source: People Talk

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