Extended families, life in XXL (TF1): “He wants me dead! “Ambre Dol reacts to the violence of insults on social networks…

Harassment and insults to the families of the TF1 show are happening more and more often. Amandine Pellissard paid the price and it was Ambre Dol’s turn to take action after the threats she received…

Media coverage is never easy, and the families of the hugely successful TF1 show bear the brunt of it… Amandine Pellissard uncovered the threatening letter in her mailbox, and it’s up to Ambre Dol to trust her violence. insults he targets on social networks and especially on Instagram.

“He took people’s lives”

Ambre is used to criticism, but he is fed up and gives the news. Amid sexism and threats, the mother of seven who chose to have her nose re-done has faced all kinds of insults and meanness ever since. She has announced this decision, which is hers alone, to get through the plastic surgery box, and it seems that most of her subscribers disapprove of this choice and let them know it. Moreover, one of the messages from a surfer left him speechless. Ambre Dol, shocked by the severity of the comments, chose to reveal the content.

“Hello, you know, cardiac arrest happened very quickly on the operating table. A widowed husband, children orphaned by their mothers. And to finish the face off on TV and social networks, “Can we explore? The mother of the family underlined the severity of this message, reminding that even if unaffected, others “could take each of these words like a knife”. She added: “Unfortunately, I remind you that all this cruelty took the lives of people who could not stand it any longer!»

“He wants me dead”

Amber continued her rant and admitted that she did not expect such a message. She insisted: “He wants me dead!” To tell you how far human bullshit goes on the pretext that you’re different, don’t have the same beliefs, the same way of thinking, the same education… small screen, to spit out your poison? (…) Yes, we reveal ourselves, yes we share some of our lives, but that doesn’t leave you with the right to shed all your anger, hatred and discomfort”. The mother of seven children gave other messages from the interns who were as violent as she was…

“There’s no cure for people’s bullshit, nor is there a key to shut their mouths!” He underlined. And in conclusion: “My best defense is my happiness… and if one day life throws obstacles in my way and I find myself in a situation where I feel less strong (…) I will think of you… To you, (… ) malicious and arrogant, (…) taking advantage of other people’s misfortune to make you important, to you, to people without the guts behind your screens… and I will remember how. I’m lucky it’s not you”.

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Source: Programme Television

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