"I can’t hate it and hope to pass it" : Cyril Hanouna puts a layer on Jean-Paul Rouve

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While Léa Salamé, Christophe Dechavanne and Philippe Cavarivière were guests of the TPMP, Cyril Hanouna once again did not hesitate to take on Jean-Paul Rouve.

The bitterness is still present. A few days ago, Cyril Hanouna violently attacked Jean-Paul Rouve after the comedian’s statements about ecology and the war in Ukraine. “If we need to lower the heating by one degree this winter, it’s not so serious.“started RTL by referring to energy issues.

Cyril Hanouna did not like this media release at all and did not hesitate to let it be known. “He’s talking about things he doesn’t understand, above ground. Let him start doing Les Tuche again, don’t make us angry, what a scumbag (…) Son of a bitch (…) Jean-Paul Rouve I know well, it’s not a model, it’s intelligenceOn Thursday, September 22, Léa Salamé, Christophe Dechavanne and Philippe Cavarivière were invited by the TPMP to discuss the arrival of the show. What a period!The series that will be broadcast every Saturday evening on France 2 in the second episode of the evening. The trio specifically announced the guests of the first issue scheduled for Saturday, September 24 at 23:25. Although Jean-Paul Rouve was part of the list, Cyril Hanouna did not resist the urge to tackle the artist again.

I can’t blame him. Anyway, I told him. I hope to meet him soon. I’m telling you everything, you have every right to love him but I can’t hate him.“It was launched to its guests. The sedative is not in the program yet, obviously…

Aurelien Gaucher

Source: Programme Television