Luke Macfarlane compares Netflix payments to recording his Hallmark channel

Luke Macfarlane reveals how much he made from his holiday films and he’s not quite on his way to the bank just yet.

“You were in [Single All the Way on Netflix]the salary was higher [than Hallmark]?’ Daniel Tosh asked Macfarlane, 43, during a recent episode of him Tosh show Podcast.

Macfarlane replied, “Little one.”

Macfarlane is a regular vacationer and has been a Hallmark product since 2015. Macfarlane appeared in earlier this year Notes from the fall And Catch me if you’re Claus. It is now available to watch on Netflix Singles.

“So I have general business with [Hallmark where] I’ll commit to five Christmas films or five films, but I can’t work for other networks and they can’t be holiday-related films,” Macfarlane explained, noting that he could sign up singles at the time because it was “out of my agreement”.

When asked if Hallmark pays well, Macfarlane nodded and said his “rate goes up” for successive projects.

“It’s a beautiful thing,” added Macfarlane. “They have to broadcast for a certain amount of time before you get them [any money]. As you know, they are broadcast regularly. So if you end up making one of the hot and popular films, it will be aired more and more. Eventually you get residual flow.”

Tosh asked if Macfarlane had seen any arrears for 2018 A Shoe Addict’s Christmas, a film he made with Candace Cameron Bure. “I don’t know if I got it.” [any]Macfarlane said.

Source: Deadline

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