ESPN host Elle Lawson defends Taylor Swift against accusations of “distraction”.

Taylor Swift is no Yoko Ono, claims a popular ESPN sports reporter.

In response to the talk that has emerged now that the Kansas City Chiefs are no longer dominating their opponents, disgruntled fans point to Swift’s performances in Chiefs games as the cause of the team’s impotence.

Swift is, of course, the girlfriend of the Chiefs’ Travis Kelce, and her presence will cause the team to lose focus, even if she’s watching from a box far above the field.

Skip Bayless, one of Fox Sports’ more challenging athletes, led the crowd against Swift in Kansas City’s 20-14 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas Day. The Chiefs have lost three of their last four games and now have a 9-6 record, and the team’s frustration is growing. Kelce reinforced the perception that he was distracted when he threw his helmet to the sideline during the game.

“Feels like it’s time to call Taylor Swift a distraction,” Bayless tweeted. What do you think, Patrick? Andy? What’s wrong with you, Travis? Bayless wrote on Twitter that he called Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, coach Andy-Reid and Kelce.

ESPN’s Elle Duncan comes to the rescue.

“Don’t blame Taylor Swift for being a ‘distraction’ because Travis Kelce isn’t playing well, because the Chiefs are playing well… No, it’s not her fault,” Duncan said on her podcast. The Elle Duncan Show.

“I’m so tired of us doing this. And that’s what we do with women. It’s Jessica Simpson’s fault that Tony Romo dropped the role. Remember Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin for a hot moment? It’s her fault. It is always the woman’s fault that she is “distracting”. No one is asking if Travis Kelce is distracting them from a world tour… No one is saying that. And I don’t like it.

“I don’t like people suddenly saying: ‘It’s too much; Let’s tell Taylor. “He’s distracted,” like he can’t have a personal life or a professional life. Go away. He is Travis Kelce; To stop. It’s not your fault. So please stop. Stop this story. Not in that order. To stop.”

Source: Deadline

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