The premiere of “Squid Game: The Challenge” attracts impressive US viewers for Netflix, reports Samba TV

EXCLUSIVE: Squid game: the challenge piqued the interest of many viewers.

The spin-off of the hit Netflix show, which allowed contestants to immerse themselves in the world of the Korean hit, began on November 22. According to Samba TV, the first episode attracted an audience of approximately 1.1 million US households in the first five days of its release.

The tech company reports that viewership varied widely, with black households overindexed by 20% and Hispanic households by 16%.

Compared to some other Netflix reality series, this is impressive Squid game: the challenge could be a winner for Netflix despite the legal challenges the streamer is now facing. According to Samba TV, The circle The fifth season premiere reached only 264,000 US households over the same five-day period Physical: 100 approximately 396,000 accumulated.

While that doesn’t tell the whole audience story, it gives a pretty good idea of ​​the show’s performance so far. Samba TV does not measure mobile devices, but the sample includes a group of 3 million terrestrial TVs, weighted by the US Census. In contrast, Samba TV’s panel is nearly 100 times larger than Nielsen’s household footprint of 45,000 homes.

“Based on the hugely popular South Korean hit Squid gamenew spin-off reality series Squid game: the challenge gained huge viewership in the first few days of its release on Netflix. The series’ wide, worldwide audience likely contributed to its success. Multiple viewers also helped the series reach 1.1 million viewers in its first five days, with black and Latino households significantly overindexing by double digits compared to the average US household,” said Cole Strain, vice president and head of research and development at Samba said. TV in a statement.

Source: Deadline

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