NFL RedZone Studio Emergency; Asked to evacuate because an alarm was activated during the live broadcast

Viewers watching the NFL RedZone broadcast on Sunday were confused when the alarm went off during the live broadcast of the football game.

Scott Hanson was on air when they were told to clear the studio while the live broadcast continued and they cut the feed.

“This is a first in my 20-year broadcasting career,” Hanson said. An alarm is going off right now at NFL RedZone Studios, in our studios here in Inglewood, California. We are being asked to evacuate the building. We do not know the nature of the emergency.”

He continued, “You can probably hear the alarm here over my right shoulder.”

Hanson went on to broadcast the play during a pivotal moment in the game between the Buffalo Bills and Philadelphia Eagles in the fourth quarter.

“The control room needs to be evacuated at this time,” Hanson added. “The studio I’m standing in must be evacuated. We are doing well now. We remain calm, but follow protocol.”

Hanson later took to social media to address the incident and update viewers on the incident.

“Well, it was…. Interesting. The alarm stopped. Everything seems to be clear. I’m still waiting for details,” Hanson told X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. “Thanks for watching NFL RedZone Week 12! One you never forget.”

NFL Media released a statement saying it was all “a false alarm at the NFL Network studio and luckily there was no fire.”

“No business functions, including NFL RedZone, have been disrupted,” the statement said.

Source: Deadline

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