The Voice – Caroline Costa in the final: "I had a hard time finding songs!"

Interview with the talent of the Marc Lavoine team a few hours before the grand finale in TF1.

How do you feel as we approach this finale?

Caroline Costa: I try to keep as many memories of this beautiful experience as possible, these memories will stay in my memory for a lifetime. It’s the end of the adventure, we won’t be able to go higher no matter what, I take advantage of every moment and we are all winners no matter the outcome. I was really scared to embark on this adventure, I have no level, of making a fool of myself and regretting it… Finally, with all my will and courage, I came to get The Voice and I’m in it. today is the final today. This is pretty unrealistic.

How was the title selection to secure your spot on Saturday night?

I had a hard time finding songs! When we reach the semi-finals, we are asked to prepare ourselves psychologically for what we want to say next. I couldn’t because I couldn’t see that I had reached the final (laughs). I spent 24 hours listening to dozens of tracks trying to find the song…it was complicated until Marc.Lavoine editor’s note), make a long list of songs that might suit me – poor guy spent a lot of time there, went to bed at 3 am (laughs). There was a song at the party that I hadn’t thought of, I tested it and it was obvious.

You were part of the hit musical Robin des Bois with M Pokora. Do you think your stage experience might have an advantage over other finalists?

No experience can beat this adventure. I feel like I’m reinventing everything with The Voice so that the pressure stays the same as when I started, even more so (laughs).

What has The Voice taught you?

I have a sound artist tag. I learned to sing, to sing things in a different way on The Voice. It was a real challenge for me, who has been singing the same way for twenty years. I will try to integrate both sound and emotion on Saturday evening.

The Voice: Saturday, May 21 at 21:10 on TF1

Sarah Ibri

Source: Programme Television

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